Chiropractic & Frequently Asked Questions

Monday, April 22, 2024


Frequently Asked Questions

Explore the world of chiropractic care and find answers to your most pressing questions in our comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions blog post. Discover the benefits of chiropractic treatment, learn about common misconceptions, and gain insights into how chiropractic care can improve your overall well-being. Get all the information you need to make informed decisions about your health and wellness journey.

Why See A Chiropractor?

Our spinal column holds the key to many of your health problems as well as many of your health solutions. For it is through your spinal column that your nerves pass as they branch out to your cells, tissues, organs, glands, and other parts of your body. The spinal column supports these nerves in an ingenious way with a series of connected bones, called vertebrae that protect the nerves while allowing your body a full freedom of moment. However, when these vertebrae move out of their normal position (a condition known as subluxation), a remarkable pressure is then imposed on the spinal cord and spinal nerves, causing interruption in the vital nerve flow within your body, promoting disease and malfunction.
Your posture is a window to your spine!
Your spine is the most important factor affecting your posture. From rear view: your spine should be straight.
From side view: your spine should have three curves.
A good posture offers the strongest defense against the destructive forces of gravity and motion.

What Is Subluxation?

Vertebral subluxations are a spinal malfunction that occurs in the normal course of daily living. As the spinal segments shift out of their normal alignment, the hard bones injure the very nerves they were designed to protect, exerting pressure that slowly interferes with your nerves’ normal energy flow. While subluxations can result in pain, quite often they do not, and, if left uncorrected over a period of time, they can disrupt your nerves system’s normal function of relaying vital nerve impulses to essential body parts.

What Causes Subluxation?

A fall, injury, trauma, improper sleeping habits, poor posture, obesity, stress and more.

Does The Adjustment Hurt?

Under normal circumstances, the adjustment is painless. In case of recent trauma, mild discomfort may be experienced due to the inflammation.

Is Regular Chiropractic Care Necessary?

Your spine is under constant strain during waking hours. Timely adjustments can help restore your body’s nuromasculoskelatal integrity.

Should I go To A Chiropractor If I Feel Fine?

Even when you feel fine chiropractic can help your body maintain its required level of health and fitness Regular spinal check ups can help detect and prevent spinal stress due to subluxations.

How old should a person be before they begin chiropractic care?

Our patients rang in years from birth to old age. Spinal segments can become misaligned regardless of age. Subluxations, left uncorrected, may disturb the delicate spinal cord and nerves which control the body’s function and growth. Early chiropractic checkups may detect spinal problems while they’re still easily correctable.

​Our patients come to us from all suburbs of the Sunshine Coast, from  as close as Caloundra, Buderim, Mooloolaba, Maroochydore, Nambour and as far as the hinterland Noosa. Don’t wait for pain to bring you to our office.

Do You Offer Free Chiropractic Treatment?

You may be eligible for five BULK BILLED chiropractic treatments from Medicare. Anyone with a chronic musculoskeletal condition can ask their GP to refer them to us under the CDM (Chronic Disease Management) Scheme and can be given up to five treatments per year at the discretion of your GP. 

Do You Accept Veterans Affairs Cardholders

If you hold a veterans affairs gold card, you are entitled to several free chiropractic care if you have a referral to us from your GP

What Should I Expect At My First Appointment?

Click on this LINK as we have a full page explaining our process​